23 Adult Things We Forget How to Do When Were Home for the Holidays

Today, I am Candice Jalili, adult and functioning member of society. Tomorrow, I will go back home to San Francisco where I suddenly revert to Candice Jalili, totally incapable fetus.

When I go home for the holidays, every adult skill Ive worked so hard to develop while living on my own goes right out the window. I depend on my parents to do everything for me, from cook my meals to rationalize my emotions. And I know you do this, too.

So here they are, the 23 things we all forget how to do the minute we go back home for the holidays.

1. How to cook

But, mom, WHY would I even bother when I have your delicious home-cooked meals to munch onfor my entire stay? And, I mean, it seems to make you sohappy to make me a sandwich or bring me a snack. I’ll just hang out here on the couch and avoid the kitchen altogether.

2. How to do your own laundry

If I leave my dirty underwear in a pile in the corner of my childhood bedroom, SOMEONE will clean them for me eventually, right?

3. How to be emotionally stable


4. How to get up and actually get yourself a glass of water

But the kitchen is so faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.

5. How to exercise

Why would I engage in any activity that involves me getting off the couch where Im being spoon-fed home-cooked meals in my jammies?

6. How to drink responsibly

Yes, Im fully aware that I am over 21 years old and can easily go to the store and get myself some fresh alcohol to sip on responsibly. But why do that when I can tap into my five-year-old high school stash and take pulls like mom is going to walk in any secondand ground me?

7. How to dress like a functioning member of society

My home uniform consists of sweats and sweats only. Im talking sweatshirt/sweatpants groutfit,and maybe some fuzzy slippers and a robe Ive owned since middle school if Im feeling a little chilly.

8. How to clean up after yourself

Sorry that my room looks like a tornado hit it, but I have literally forgotten how to pick things up off the floor and put them in a closet. It takes a lot ofeffort and I am very fragile. Please leave me alone.

9. How to do the dishes

Wait, leaving them in the sink DOESNT count as doing them!?!

10. How to buy anything for yourself

Mom!! Im going to the store. Can I have some money please?

11. How to drive

Mom!! Im going to the store. Can you drive me please?

12. How to take care of yourself mentally

Its like years and years of therapy go straight out of the window with one trip back to the homeland. All of a sudden, all your “issues” are back in full force and your lucky family gets to deal with them!

13. How to not be in high school anymore

OMG did you see how fat Matt Jacobson got!?!? He was always such a piece of sh*t loser. It was only a matter of time. I really care about all these people all of a sudden.

14. How to be friends with your siblings

Sure, we’re friends as adults in the real world. But here we are, no longer in the real world and no longer adults, so my siblings are once again the sweater-stealing archnemeses I grew up with.

16. How to make a decision for yourself

Wait, but Mom, doyoulike this nail color!?Wait, Dad, do I want the cheeseburger or the prime rib?

17. How to stay awake

Eight pm!?! HOLY SH*T, TIME TO HIT THE HAY! My afternoon nap was barely 3 hours long.

18. How to hang out with people other than mom and dad

Ohso you guys want me to go to a bar with like, people my age and stuff?! No thanks.

19. How to speak like you do normally

Suddenly I have picked up my foreign parents dialects and have completely forgotten that I was born and raised in the United States.

20. How to do any activity that involves you leaving the house for more than one hour

A MOVIE?!!?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!?! Thats like an hour and a half AT LEAST off of my precious couch.

21. How to eat like a normal human being

You know, like a health-conscious human being with table manners and stuff.

22. How to do things without permission from Mom and Dad

Hey guys, I know Im 22 years old and have my own career and salary but do you mind if I go to my friends down the street for a couple hours? Ill be home in time for dinner!

23. How to be social

Interacting with the world that exists outside of this home is just far too exhausting. I am a fetus and this home is my womb.

What basic functional human stuff do you forget how to do when you come home for the holidays? Let’s discuss.

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23 Adult Things We Forget How to Do When Were Home for the Holidays

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