“Gangnam Style” Is In American Karaoke Now

1. It’s here!

“Gangnam Style” was always going to end up in karaoke, but there were a lot of questions. Would it be located in English karaoke books, or would you need to dig up the Korean book? Would the lyrics be presented phonetically in English? Would it be available in time for holiday parties?

2. Here’s the good news:

It is now widely available in English karaoke books.

3. However…

The lyrics are entirely in Korean characters and there are no backing vocal tracks whatsoever, so unless you know the song inside and out and/or know Korean, you are doomed to mess this up. But if you’re willing to improvise and dance around shamelessly, it could be a lot of fun. (This is true of most karaoke experiences.)

4. OK, not entirely in Korean…

See, there’s some English! Even still, this is a time for Korean speakers to shine – after I shared this exciting news on Instragram, a friend informed me that her coworker performed it in Korean the night before and “brought the house down.”

5. If you want to do this, you should practice.

This video has all the Korean lyrics presented in English characters, so if you can memorize this and get a good dance going, you will basically become a karaoke legend among your social circles.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/perpetua/gangnam-style-is-in-american-karaoke-now

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“Gangnam Style” Is In American Karaoke Now

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