An Elephant Gets Frisky With A Car In South Africa


This is the moment when a bull elephant decided to get closely acquainted with a parked hatchback.

The elephant was on what is known as musth, which is when its testosterone levels can reach up to 60 times their normal level. It’s the same excuse of few holidaymakers have been using upon their return from Magaluf this summer.


The two terrified occupants of this VW Polo definitely fell victim to being in the wrong place at the wrong time as the elephant stooped to rub itself against their bonnet. Imagine the view from inside!

These incredible pictures were taken by a field guide within Pilanesburg National Park in South Africa.



The onlooker said ‘I was doing ethology – the study of animal behaviour – at the time, so I had a basic understanding of what was going on.

‘The elephant was presumably on musth, which is a time that an elephant male has an excess amount of testosterone, turning even the calmest Dumbo into a raging bull.

‘Yet even though it was in this condition, it displayed no signs of aggression or frustration and was in a more playful mood.’


The two passengers in the car, said to be in their late 20′s, escaped unharmed but incredibly shaken.

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An Elephant Gets Frisky With A Car In South Africa

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