32 Easy And Inexpensive Ways To Keep Kids Entertained This Holiday Season

1. Make snow ice cream.

This delicious and simple recipe will amaze kids after a fresh fall of snow.

2. Decorate a wall Christmas tree.

Little kids who are too small to hang ornaments on the family tree will love “hanging” ornaments on this felt tree. Find the how-to here.

3. Turn receiving a gift into an interactive experience.

Kids will enjoy decorating the gift wrap almost as much as finding out what’s inside!

4. Shortening, rubber gloves, and ice will teach kids how Arctic animals survive in the cold.


Kids love learning about the animals they love, like penguins and polar bears. Get the full directions here.

5. Enjoy some holiday-themed bowling.

If you have enough corks, this Santa ornaments craft makes a bowling set!

This snowman bowling game is fun too.

Don’t feel right knocking over Santa? Try this craft using old water bottles.

6. Help kids grow their own Santa beard.

OK, so they probably won’t be able to grow a beard, but they can make one with this fun and easy craft. Find the how-to here.

7. Design colorful melted bead accessories.

Girls especially will lose themselves in making these to give as holiday gifts. Find the how-to here.

8. Make frozen bubbles.

Blowing bubbles will be a bore once kids experience this awesome winter experiment. Find out how here.

9. Play Christmas charades.

Charades are even more fun during the holidays when they’re Christmas themed. Find the free printable here.

10. Create a holiday tunnel/fort.

Perfect for keeping kids busy on rainy days, and you can use the string lights before you put them back into storage. Learn more here.

11. Whip up some holiday treats.

Chocolate chip cookie sleds? Marshmallow snowmen? Cookie ornaments? Kids will have a blast making – and eating – these adorable treats. Find the recipes here.

12. Set up a gumball ornament station.

This fun and easy activity is perfect for entertaining older kids at holiday gatherings. Find the how-to here.

13. Make DIY ornaments.

Your kids will get enough sugar this holiday season, so let them turn their sugary cereal into these sweet ornaments. Find the directions here.

14. Make creative use of old popsicle sticks.

Kids often find eating a popsicle to be a religious experience, but now it really can be. Learn how to make this nativity scene decoration here.

15. Use tissue paper to create art.


Spray the tissue paper with water and it’ll stick to the paper. Once you peel it off, the color stays on the paper!

16. Lay down a bubble wrap run.

Not sure what to do with all that leftover packing? Turn it into a bubble wrap run and challenge your kids to make it to the end without popping a single bubble! Learn more here.

17. Make Rainbow Loom ornaments

This Pinterest board has a ton of super cool and unconventional Rainbow Loom ideas.

18. Have a living room campout with s’mores.

Kids will love “roughing it,” especially when it comes time to enjoy this easy s’mores bar. Find directions here.

19. Build a spaghetti and marshmallow tower.

bignoseduglyguy / Flickr: 59999295@N00

Kids can use leftover marshmallows from their hot chocolate to make this architectural wonder. Learn how here.

20. Make reindeer food.

On Christmas Eve, have your kids sprinkle it onto the lawn before going to bed. It will sparkle under the stars and guide Santa’s reindeer to your home. Find the recipe here.

21. Put together a Christmas mix to play at dinner.

Kids will love picking out their favorite songs. Just be prepared for a lot of the Beebs.

22. Make ice cream cone Christmas trees.

These look awesome as holiday decorations assuming, of course, that your kids can resist eating them. Find the how-to here.

23. Turn the living room into a racetrack.

All it takes is a little masking tape to get your kids obsessed with Hot Wheels again.

24. Host a cake pop party.

Let your kids gather their friends (or siblings) to make, and then devour, these yummy pops. Find the directions here.

25. Give them their own Christmas “cookie”-decorating party.

They’ll have so much fun embellishing Play-Doh with cute, sparkly things.

26. Donate toys.

Giving old toys to charity will not only help your kids appreciate all that they have, but make room for their holiday presents too.

27. Paint a masterpiece in the snow.

The world is your canvas after a fresh fall of snow. Find directions here.

…or a snow penguin!

Either way it’s the perfect time for kids to put down the technology and have some classic winter fun.

29. And if there’s no snow on the ground where you are, make some snow dough.

Get the recipe here.

30. Become the master of this snowball toss game.

Kids will love playing it, and you’ll love how easy it is to make. Find directions here.

31. Practice mad rhyming skills using Christmas-related words.

File this under “so fun they don’t even know they’re learning.” Find the how-to here.

32. Play with candy cane goo.

What kid doesn’t want to get elbow deep in sticky goo? Find the directions for this scientific fun here.

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32 Easy And Inexpensive Ways To Keep Kids Entertained This Holiday Season

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