These incredible zoos provide unique experiences

These incredible zoos provide unique experiences

When you visit a new popular city, one of the main attractions you’ll find on the list is usually a zoological garden or zoological park, also shortly said and widely known as just zoo. It’s really interesting how these closed parks with a huge variety of animals are attracting so many tourists and they’re really doing a great job.

However, people that really love animals sometimes have mixed feelings when it comes to visiting a zoo. Some might think that it is nice to see so many animals in one place, take photos of them, laugh at the way they behave and simply have fun getting to know all of the different types of animals living on this planet. On the other hand, there are those people that consider these parks as something cruel, sad and depressing. They simply can’t accept to see the poor animals being trapped behind the bars, walls or whatever has been put around them that limit their freedom.

Well, let’s suppose that you love animals but you’re not a fan of the standard zoological parks, so instead you’re looking for something more. If you’re in a search for new experiences, then you have to look at the following zoological parks and resorts. What’s so special about them? See it yourself:

Zoológico de Luján

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Have you ever wanted to get closer to some animals, not just admire them from a distance? Well, this is your chance to do it, because the Lujan Zoo gives you the ultimate experience. Ever wondered how it is like to pet a tiger, sit next to a lion, ride an elephant or feed a grizzly bear? This place will give you all the answers. Better yet, it will show you how it is to interact with animals that you probably perceive as wild beasts.

Although this sounds very nice, it definitely can be a little scary. And yeah, you’re probably thinking right away about all of the accidents that have happened in this zoo, since the people get really close to the animals and can easily be eaten or just hurt. Well, first of all there has been no accident since 1994, which is a very good sign. Many visitors have said that the animals are really nice and calm, enjoying the company of the people around them.

If you have read some reviews on the internet, you might even notice how people think that the animals in this zoo are sedated, just because they are so peaceful and are not attacking the visitors. However, this is not the case. The animals in this zoo are taken care of very nicely and gently from the early ages, and are taught how to interact and live with people. Also, they are constantly fed by the zoo keepers, that they don’t feel hungry when they are around people. It is really a great place to spend some time with your favorite animals.

Elephants at Zoológico de Luján in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

If you’re heading off to Australia and you find yourself around Brisbane, don’t miss on the opportunity to hold a koala with your own bare hands. No, don’t do it alone it the wild – that’s a silly idea! Visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, the world’s first and largest koala sanctuary, and have a wonderful experience of holding a koala like it’s a kid.

Even though this sanctuary is a home of about 130 koalas, there are also other animals that can be found in this place that you might have never even seen in the wild. Of course you’ll get scared and run away if you see a snake on the way, but here you have the chance to hold one and pet it, knowing that it’s more secure than doing this in the wild. Also, there is a possibility to hold an owl or eagle, if you are interested in getting to know the birds of Prey.

However, when in Australia it is definitely not fair not to see any other specific animals, so for this purpose the sanctuary is also a home to many kangaroos, raptors, Tasmanian devils, echidnas, reptiles, wombats, parrots and cockatoos.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Dartmoor Zoo

Location: Devon, England

Since you were a child you’ve had a huge desire to spend a day as a zoo keeper? Then this is the place to be! The Dartmoor Zoo gives you the pleasure to feed and take care of different types of animals with a little help from the zoo keepers that are working there.

The zoo is located just 15 minutes from Plymouth, set in beautiful woodland with some amazing views of the surrounding countryside. There is a big collection of animals that are living in great conditions, enjoying life as if they were out in the wild. Just think of your favorite mammal, big cat, reptile or bird and get the chance to be their zoo keeper for a day.

Every day there are different events that are organized in the zoo and the place is great for visitors of every age, especially for family fun. You’ll be surprised that despite corporate and social events, the Dartmoor Zoo is also a place where weddings are organized. Just imagine what kind of wedding that can be!

Tigers at the Dartmoor Zoo in Devon, England

There are many zoological gardens in the world that can be complimented just because of their interior or the collection of animals, but these ones definitely provide some extra value to the visitors. And it’s normal that the tickets might cost a little bit more than usual – just think of the time, the effort and the money they invest in nurturing the wild animals, teaching them how to respect the humans and the other animals living there. And the truth is: although you can never say that they’re 100% safe, there are rarely or even no accidents happening when a person interacts with a wild animal in these resorts. So, if you like animals, don’t miss out to experience something like this, since animals can always cheer you up and make you feel loved.

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These incredible zoos provide unique experiences

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