Incredible Holiday Pies That May Just Be Too Beautiful To Eat

The best part of the holiday season has to be the overabundance of incredible desserts.

Around this time of year, I am always cranking out new, delicious treats in my kitchen, like these amazing mini pumpkin pie muffins. But sometimes I come across ideas for desserts that almost seemtoo beautiful to eat.

There seems to be an enormous amount of culinary talent out there focusing on creating dishes that look as incredible as they taste. And when I saw this stunning list of holiday pies, I was completely blown away.

Some of these pie ideas are so brilliantly creative that I don’t know how these kitchen artistscame up with them!

Scroll through below to see these beautiful and unique holiday pie ideas that may just have youagreeing that they aretoo pretty to eat.

Which of these gorgeouspie creations is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

This stunning pear pie features fall leaf cookies, sprinkled with different colored sugar.


Rather than a simple lattice, this mixed berry pie uses cutout stars for a one-of-a-kind design.


These apple roses actually look like real flowers on top of this banana custard and walnut dulce de leche pie.


This berry pie is absolutely unique, being topped with a sea creature made of dough and berries.


Using cookie cutters to create dozens of leaf-shaped treats, this high-piled pie is a perfect addition to any holiday dessert table.


These stunning owl pies are so fun to look at that you may not ever get to the delicious pumpkin filling inside.


This pie was premade, but it got an extra touch of festive fall fun with pumpkin and leaf cookies on top.


This patriotic pie uses several different techniques, allowing the blueberries and cherries to peek out from underneath.


Fall is on full display with this gorgeous apple pie, complete with flaky pastry leaves in fun colors.


This blackberry pie truly is gorgeous with flower cookie cutouts sinking into the delicious blackberries.


Love is on full display with this romantic pie, featuring heart-shaped cookies on top.


Pie crust leaves and sugared cranberries make this a perfect pie for the holiday season.


This certainly is a pie with a sense of humor, featuring wings, a beak, and two bird feet.


You have to look extra close to see all of the different vegetables being used in this gorgeous, healthy veggie and ricotta pie.


This humor-filled dessert really does give new meaning to the term ‘apple pie.’


This dragon pie truly is a work of art, masking tasty berries inside.


You might just give this lovely pie to someone special in your life, with its whimsical heart-shaped cookies.


These amazing pies just go to show that food can also be a real work of art.

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Incredible Holiday Pies That May Just Be Too Beautiful To Eat

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