These 10 Floral Christmas Trees Will Inspire You To Get Into The Holiday Spirit

Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes.

Usually a pine, fir, spruce, or artificial tree, the holiday’s living room centerpiece typically becomes the star of the show, and the center of everyone’s attention.

The best thing about these festive trees is that there is no one correct way to decorate them. Everything is left up to your own creativity, design, and imagination.

In fact, your own Christmas tree is what makes you unique. The way you decorate your tree can even reveal loads about your personality!

Still, when most people think of Christmas trees, they usually think of colorful, jingly glass ornaments, tinsel, garlands, burlap wreaths, and little hanging trinkets.

Below, we introduce something lesser known: the beautifully vibrant, spirited, and picturesque floral Christmas tree.

There are so many ways to decorate trees with amazing flowers this holiday season. We’re excited to see how you end up decorating your tree!

Scroll on to feast your eyes on all kinds of floral Christmas trees, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


For the past few weeks, Christmas decor has been at the front of our minds here at LittleThings specifically, the beloved Christmas tree.


Traditional tree ornaments includeglass balls, sparkly garland, and twinkling lights but a new floral trend is sweeping the holidays!


Recently, people have taken to decorating their tree with big, bold blossoms giving the wintery decor a fresh floral feel!


Whether they’re dotted with red poinsettias or sparkly pink roses,these Christmas trees are perfectly complemented by the giant flowers.


But throughout time, Christmas trees have undergone many fascinating transformations.


In fact, the first Christmas trees were decorated entirely with edibles, like apples, nuts, and other foods.

Just over 300 years ago, the trees were illuminated by candles, and adorned with garlands and tinsel.


Many families get creative when using flowers they go beyond the classic rose or peony, and string bunches of sunflowers, lilies, and even orchids in between the tree’s needles.


These “floral Christmas trees” can appear grand once finished, but they can certainly be down-to-earth, homey, and rustic centerpieces in the living room.


Theycan have unique monochromaticthemes, like this rosy-hued tree, or house all the colors of a rainbow…


No matter how you decorate your tree this year, it’s sure to bring joy and cheer to your wintery home.

After all, it’s really the family and friends that gather around your tree that truly matters.

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These 10 Floral Christmas Trees Will Inspire You To Get Into The Holiday Spirit

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