11 Touching Ways To Make A Huge Difference This Holiday Season

Now that December has officially arrived, it’s time to get to work.

What does that look likefor you? Does it mean finalizing all of your gift lists for your family? Does it mean coordinating with distant cousins about when theywill arrive and where they will all sleep on Christmas Eve? Does it mean baking 200 cookies for your kid’s holiday bake sale?

These are all important, but at the holidays, it’s good to remember that there are some folks whodon’t have anyone to spend the festive seasonwith or to exchange gifts with. There are many whohave to work on the big day, and there are otherswho will have a hard time finding food while we are all cuddled around the fire, stuffed with a Christmas ham and sipping cocoa.

For this holiday season, we canall make a conscious effort to go above and beyond to make a difference in the life of someone else. These 11 ways to do so are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential good deeds.

1. Adopt A Family


There are many different organizations that help you adopt a family for the holidays. When you adopt a family, you provide food certificates, toys, and hygiene products or clothes to make the holiday as comfortable and joyous as possible.

2. Give Blood


If you are able to give blood, then it is one of the most generous gifts that you could give this holiday season, as one pint of blood can save three whole lives. If you’re squeamish around needles, this may bethe time of year to overcome that fear and give the gift of life.

3. Give Up Items You Love


We’ve all gotpossessions that we could live without, but just don’t want to give up. These items, like an old cell phone, for example, could completely change a needy person’s life. The true test of selflessness is to unburden yourself of your possessions in order to help those less fortunate, whether that means giving away your unneeded things, or selling them in order to donate to a charity.

4. Write Letters


There are few things that have the same effect as a genuine hand-written letter. If there is someone in your life that deserves that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from reading a heartfelt letter, then get to writing and telling them how much you appreciate them. Write a letter to your mail person. Write a letter to a soldier. Write a letter to the cashier who always asks how you’re doing at the grocery store. Everyone loves a good letter.

5. Play The Role Of Santa Or Mrs. Claus


Do you remember how fun it was to get to meet Santa and Mrs. Clausevery year at Christmastime when you were a little one? Bring that same joy to kids in your area byvolunteeringto play one of the Kringles or theirelves!

6. Pay It Forward


Everyone needs their morning cup of coffee, so why not make someone’s day by paying for theirs too? It’s tiny gestures like this that really put people in the holiday spirit, and maybe they’ll return the favor to someone else later in the day. This is how joy spreads, folks. Be the one to start the chain.

7. Visit A Nursing Home


The seniors in our community are often forgotten, but they still need company just like the rest of us, and they deserve it. Take some time to visit a nursing home during the holidays to have a chat and a cup of tea with older folks who may not have anyone elsewith whom tocelebrate the season. You have no idea how much this tiny gesture can lift someone’s spirits.

8. Prepare And Serve Food To Others


Check organizations in your area to see if any need help preparing meals or serving them to those less fortunate. Whetheryou’rein a soup kitchen, or you’re cooking a warm meal for a neighbor who could use one, think of others who may be hungry this season.

9. Talk To A Stranger


Is there someone at work or perhaps at your church or other organization that seems like they could use someone to talk to? Just having someone listen to them can relieve a huge burden. Lend an ear.

10. Make Gift Baskets


Prepare baskets with some toiletries, gloves, and anything else you might think someone living out on the street wouldneed or appreciate. Keep them in your car and hand them out to struggling folks in your community.

11. Adopt A Pet


If your family is in the positionto adopt a pet, then consider doing so this holiday season. It’s cold out there, and there are hundreds upon hundreds of animals whocould use a loving family to snuggle.

Will you be doing any of these good deeds this holiday season? Please SHARE with your family and friends on Facebook so that we can all make a difference.

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11 Touching Ways To Make A Huge Difference This Holiday Season

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