12 Pets Who Let Their Humans Know How They Really Feel About The Holidays

As anyone who has owned a cat around the holidays can attest that Christmas trees are pretty much those silly felines’ kryptonite.Most of them simplycan’t walk past the bristly branches without going straight into attack mode.

That’s the reason my roommates and I decided to just not have ornaments onour annual tree. Or rather, the cat made that decision for us when he knocked them all off during the first Christmas he lived with us just like how I could always count on a present or two being opened for me by our family’s dog while growing up. That said,some of the cuties below went even more extreme with their hilarious seasonal antics.

You might be lucky enough to own a cat or dog who likes to take it easy when festivities roll around, but I have a feeling you’ll recognize some of this goofy behavior from your own pets, too.

Take a look and let us know in the comments if your animals have ever done anything even weirder around the holidays.

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1. It Looked Good Enough To Eat


2. Someone’s A Grumpy Grinch


3. She Just Got An Idea: Total Destruction


4. He Got His Present Early


5. Both Sides Of The Christmas Coin


6. She’s “Helping” You Wrap


7. He Really Thought He Was Being Sneaky


8. Say Cheese?


9. Cutest Family Photo Bomber


10. She Clearly Wanted Jingle Bells Instead


11. Ain’t No Tree High Enough


12. The Cat Made It Look Fun


Do you have any funnier photosof your pets around the holidays? Let us know below and be sure to SHARE with your friends!

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12 Pets Who Let Their Humans Know How They Really Feel About The Holidays

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