27 Reasons Why Cristina Yang Is Everything You Aspire To In Life

1. She’s brilliant. She’s beautiful. And she knows it.

2. She has her priorities straight.

3. She can pull men in with her powerful gravitational pull.

4. She understands what the holidays are all about.

5. She has no qualms about demanding candy in a room full of people.

6. She is skilled at the art of emoting.

7. She can tell you how to channel your inner awesome.

9. She will beat you at your own game.

10. She’s not even fazed when McSteamy tries to hit on her.

11. She thinks ahead. Like that time she was smart enough to bring some drinks to this weird thing they call sports with your coworkers.

12. She boldly wore red at her wedding.

I’m not wearing white. It’s sexist and vaguely racist.

13. She’ll call you out when you’re whining.

14. But will also admit when she’s not taking her own advice.

15. She really does give the best advice.

16. She knows she’s a BOSS. But she also admits when she’s feeling vulnerable

17. and it’s powerful and refreshing and you kind of wish you could be this honest.

18. Even when it’s awkward.

19. She’s always ahead of everyone. Like this time she ate her lunch really fast while side-eyeing the competition.

20. But while we’re on the topiccan we talk about how she’s always making the best faces?!!

21. This is her giving the I’m just going to sip on this straw until you say something interesting face.

22. This is her playing someone’s existence in one glance.

23. This is her plotting to take over the world.

24. This is her stuffing her face while being flawless.

25. This is her not taking your shit.

26. I don’t even know what’s happening here, but it’s wonderful.

27. Oh, Cristina. If only we could all get an ounce of your awesome.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/hnigatu/reasons-why-cristina-yang-is-everything-you-aspire-to-in

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27 Reasons Why Cristina Yang Is Everything You Aspire To In Life

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